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Patient Instructions

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Pre-Operative Medications


  • 1. Celebrex 200mg by mouth 2x daily
  • a. Start 2 days prior to surgery
  • b. Continue 5 days post operatively

  • 2. Zantac 75mg
  • a. Take one pill the day before
  • b. Take one pill the morning of surgery

  • 3. Emend 40mg
  • a. Take one pill 3 hours prior to surgery

  • 4. Bactroban Ointment to Nasal Mucosa
  • a. Apply daily beginning 3 days prior to surgery
  • b. Continue for 2 days after surgery

  • 5. Arnica Forte
  • a. Take as directed

  • 6. Tobradex Opthalmic Solution-Only if you are going to have Eyelid surgery
  • a. One drop each eye 4x daily one day before surgery
  • b. Continue one drop 2x daily for 5 days

  • 7. Fish Oil
  • a. Start taking 2 weeks after surgery for its anti-inflammatory activity

Any questions at all, please contact the office and speak with one of our nurses.

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